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Sure Ph4t: the sure way to ph4tness!

get ph4tter faster!

Sure Ph4t
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Animated Sure Ph4t banner.


Sure Ph4t is the name of the “company” who produces an ongoing series of insane animations and cartoons. Sure Ph4t’s employees/creators can be found at: swear_jar (Jess), ret05 (Ret) and chorn_man (Ben).


There are no rules!

This is a community only allows posting by swear_jar (that’s Jess) and ret05 (that’s Ret). Feel free to join and watch, but this is used only as an archive and an announcement board for Sure Ph4t animations, cartoons and the like. Comments on anything are appreciated to the EXTREME, as we’re always shocked when anyone takes the time to tell us they watched/read/enjoyed things.


The main three characters in Sure Ph4t's cartoons and animations are Ben, Jess and Ret (as pictured on the INFO icon: Jess. On the RULES icon: Ret. On the CHARACTERS icon: Ben).

Ben is insane. Expect from him, cheese, corn and chorn (a combination of those). In his ye oldie form, he has a moustache. He is also Chorn Man! A superhero.

Jess is bland. She has orange hair. In her ye oldie form she loves carrots (but doesn't love carrots), and goes by Farmer Jess.

Ret is PH4T!!! She will NEVER be PH4T enough. Her huge PH4TNESS means she destroys stuff sometimes. She enjoys devouring mountains, destroying things, and increasing her PH4TNESS by eating lard and the like.

Jess, Ret and Ben have a shared love of KILLING Bon. He's something like the Kenny (Southpark) of the Sure Ph4t world, only stupider.

There are many other, minor Sure Ph4t characters, which it would take too long to mention.
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